Interview with Kanti Purohit

Kanti Purohit is the manager of the Bricscad affiliate program. The notes below are based on my telephone interview with him on Sep. 29, 2009.

Bricscad is a CAD package developed by Bricsys and built using the IntelliCAD engine. There are several “AutoCAD like” CAD programs that were based on IntelliCAD. According to Kanti Purohit, Bricscad is now about 99.9% IntelliCAD free and is working to become 100% IntelliCAD free. This will free them up to develop the program to provide more functionality than it does now.

There is a new 144 page e-book by Ralph Grabowski called “Bricscad for AutoCAD Users”. You can get it for free now a free on the Bricscad site .

Right now they are compatible with AutoCAD through 2009 and will soon be compatible with 2010. I asked about whether they would be implementing the AutoCAD ribbon interface, and he indicated that that was still an open issue. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of user demand for it at the present.

In their non-scientific user’s survey they found users 98% satisfied. And 90% preferred it over AutoCAD. Some users say they find it more compatible with earlier versions of AutoCAD than AutoCAD itself. They even have some users who got Bricscad in order to read older AutoCAD drawings.

He stressed that Bricscad is a premium product, and not just another “me too” IntelliCAD clone. It provides a complete platform for third party application developers. There are about 100 applications already and another 300 or so in the works. Many third party application developers are finding that potential users of their products just can’t afford to buy their product and also buy AutoCAD to run it on. He called this a “CAD Tax” that is added to the cost of their application. Bricscad reduces this “CAD Tax” and provides a stable platform to run their applications. If a developer has any problems re-compiling their program to run on Bricscad, they will do it for them. Who could ask for more?

The current version of Bricscad is 9.3. You can download a free 30 day evaluation copy from their web site. If you should decide to purchase a copy, please use my affiliate number JW6C-3224-JSAW and get a 5% discount.


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