Ronny Hart

My name is Ronny Hart. I am a senior architectural CAD/BIM specialist with 30+ years of architectural CAD expsrience.

I am the sole proprietor and only employee of a company I call CAD Directions. I concentrate on the AEC vertical market, multiple computer platforms and several major Architectural CAD systems, primarily AutoCAD and Revit Architecture. I act as strategic management consultant for firms using or considering CAD or BIM. I work with architects and their staff to develop and implement effective CAD and/or BIM and operational standards and procedures improving both interoffice communications and streamlining their communications with their consultants and people in the field. I provide individually customized training at the clients’ sites, on their computers. I provide a professional architectural drafting service to architects and designers. I produce architectural presentations – everything from colored 2D plans and elevations to full-color renderings to real-time walk-thru 3D models.

I am starting this blog to shair my thoughts and experiences on different CAD/BIM programs and projects. Hopefilly this can be of some value to others. You can learn more about me at here: http://ronnyhart.wordpress.com/


One Response to “About”

  1. Erik Zetterberg Says:

    Hi Ronny

    You have some nice renderings you’ve done. Reading though your site I see Bricscad stuff. Are you using this still? I see you are also doing sketches now which is really great as well.

    Im currently working on a new project called AViCAD (similar) – feel free to have a look if you have time at avicad.com. As well an older site of mine roofbuildertools.com is a 3D roofing tool I created for AutoCAD a while back. A

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