Hexagon bought Intergraph

You may recall Intergraph was a CAD company that selling turn-key systems to architects in the 1980’s. I was working for them then. Yesterday a Swedish company named Hexagon bought Intergraph for $2.13 billion. They make surveying equipment and measuring instruments. Although this technology isn’t used much for architecture (yet) it is quite well established in the Global Information Systems (GIS) and Process, Power & Marine (PP&M) areas. Here is a link to a presentation given by the CEO of Hexagon yesterday.


Although he doesn’t talk about architecture, the middle part of his presentation is quite informative as to the current state and projected future of merging scanning technology with CAD.

I also found the current leader in converting 3D scans (point clouds) into AutoCAD. It is a company called Kubit. You may want to check out their web site.


I would be interested in talking to anyone who is currently using scanning technology in conjunction with AutoCAD or Revit to create architectural drawings.